Reduced Tab

Reduced file for cars, motorcycles, trailers, caravans, trucks and more. Fast and Easy. 100% Guaranteed. Delivery in 3 hours.

Fill out our application form and you will receive an instant email indicating the documentation you need to send us to complete your reduced form.

Faster and cheaper than the European COC Certificate of Conformity.


* Price for cars with European homologation.

* We deliver in 3 hours.



Motorcycle Reduced File



Caravans and trailers

Reduced motorhome form


Application Form

 Do you have any questions that you would like to resolve before submitting the reduced form application?

Do I need to move my vehicle?

No, the process is 100% online. You only need to send us photos of the vehicle and documentation.

How much does the Reduced Tab cost?

The price starts at 49,90€ + VAT = 60,38€ for cars with a European homologation password. 

For vehicles without a European password we offer the most adjusted prices for each particular case and type of vehicle.

When will I receive my Reduced Token?

We usually send the documentation within 3 hours, but always in less than 24 hours.